It’s our people, our craft and our environment that makes the Italian Art of Dressing so special

Certification Notice

“Certified B Corporation” is a trademark licensed by B Lab, a private non-profit organization, to companies like ours that have successfully completed the B Impact Assessment (“BIA”) and therefore meet the requirements set by B Lab for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It is specified that B Lab is not a conformity assessment body as defined by Regulation (EU) No 765/2008, nor is it a national, European, or international standardization body as per Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012. The criteria of the BIA are distinct and independent from the harmonized standards resulting from ISO norms or other standardization bodies, and they are not ratified by national or European public institutions.


For nearly 80 years, the Mazzetti family has been perfecting the Italian craft of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Our people continue that work everyday, cherishing our Italian tradition, crafting our vinegars in the most sustainable way and passing on our family recipes to deliver drops of distinctive flavour from Modena to the world.

The home of the Italian Art of dressing is Casa Mazzetti in the heart of Emilia Romagna, a region that embodies the spirit, passion and expertise of Italian cuisine. At Mazzetti we constantly strive and are committed to improving the positive impact on people, on local community and environment that is so important to us.

Transparency is our keyword. We act according to this principle throughout our supply chain, from the selection of our raw material suppliers to the transport of our products. Our success depends also by the good bonding of our growth with the one of people and community we work with. 


Mazzetti is now a B Corp and have thus joined an international movement of companies that are rethinking the way they do business by committing themselves to respecting high standards of social, environmental and transparency responsibility.

B Corporations are for-profit companies that have been affiliated with the not-for-profit B LabTM as meeting rigorous standards for supporting the wellbeing of all people in their workforce, engaging with their local community, and addressing ethical and environmental challenges in their supply chains.  B Corps businesses incorporate the requirement to address these issues at the heart of their organisation to engage all employees in the process, while ensuring transparency and accountability.


Our People & our Craft

The progression of our people is essential to us. We value the people who work with us to develop their potential. We encourage a constant and proactive dialogue aimed at gathering everyone’s needs, to create a place where people are at the center of the company, a key element for preserving and handing down our family tradition. The knowledge and expertise of our people have been passed down through generations. We are committed to protecting our knowledge and preserving it for future generations. To this day, every bottle of Mazzetti l'Originale is a tale of the patience, practice, care and craftsmanship that we put into it – from grape to barrel to the heart of your kitchen.


Our local Community

We promote the enhancement of the local area, the tradition and the values ​​connected with vinegar. We promote the enhancement of the local area in which we operate, by sharing the tradition and values ​​associated to vinegar with the people, cultures and communities that come into contact with Mazzetti.

We do it through educational, involvement and listening initiatives, focusing on present and future generations. We are committed to supporting our local community by partnering with local associations and developing corporate volunteering projects, because no individual benefit can be distinct by communal benefit.


We open our home at Casa Mazzetti and invite the local community to learn about our craft and the history of our company and our products that are made in our territory by locals. We also collaborate with local schools & universities to show students the world of vinegar to entice the next generation to our craft.


Our Environment

The Italian Provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia are the only places in the world where Balasamic Vinegar of Modean PGI can be produced and therefore it’s a special place to us. 

We are strongly committed to creating an ecosystem based on the sharing of sustainability values ​​and objectives. We encourage virtuous initiatives capable of promoting innovative low-impact production models, to contribute positively to the reduction of social and environmental impacts along our entire supply chain. Our commitment is aimed at implementing a progressive evolution of our business and operating model towards an economy with zero emissions of climate-altering gases, in line with the European objectives of climate neutrality and the national ones of ecological transition. We have formally committed to integrate the objective of climate neutrality into our Charter.


Here’s to the next 80 years, and to the sharing of our family traditions – cherishing our craft for future generations and for tables around the world.


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