Salad Series Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 500ml



Specially blended to deliver a light & tangy flavour that is perfect for salads dressings and vinaigrettes. There is a decisive 'punch' from the wine vinegar delivering a citrus like zest that is more prevalent than the slight sweetness that comes from the grape must. Do splash it on a salad or into a sauce or marinade but don't put it on icecream or attempt a finishing drizzle!


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Ingredients & Nutritionals

Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, cooked grape must.

Contains sulfites.

Tasting Notes
Label yellow
Drizzle Density
Aged 'Wood Notes'
Cooked 'Fruit Notes'

What Our Masters Say

The secret to giving our Salad Series the perfect punch is carefully picking the right grapes to deliver zesty notes. It’s a process we’ve been perfecting over many years!

Francesco, sourcing specialist

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